Healthier more stylish hydration.

"MOUS is the bottle that is really designed for your health and meets so many of your drinking needs."


Our environmentally friendly, multipurpose bottles are refined for the modern lifestyle and stylish individual. Combining unique aesthetics and smart functionality to provide healthier, more hygienic hydration.


MOUS Fitness Bottle


The bottle you use shouldn't compromise your health. Most bottles have a narrow neck and sharp corners making them hard to clean and prone to bacteria buildup. The MOUS bottle helps you stay healthier by reducing bacteria buildup in your bottle. The ergonomic design and round bottom makes cleaning effortless, whilst looking good. Perfect for; smoothies, water infusions and supplements. Put your health first.

  • Environmentally friendly reusable bottle
  • Bacteria and odour resistant
  • Doesn't retain old flavour
  • Non-toxic, BPA & BPS Free Materials
  • 27oz / 820mL


Hydration for the modern lifestyle

Better For Your Health

The original round bottom bottle. Making for an effortless clean, minimising odour and eliminating germs.

For All Your Hydration Needs

Multipurpose. Create water infusions, nourish your body with smoothies, shake supplements or hydrate with water.

Keep Hydrated, Anywhere

The optimal water bottle size. At 27oz the MOUS Fitness Bottle is the perfect size for your daily hydration needs, encouraging you to stay hydrated throughout the day

Durable, Healthier Materials

Thoughtfully crafted from the highest quality, non-toxic BPA & BPS Free materials. Better for your health and the planet.

"MOUS, a bottle redesigned. Quite a lot of thought put into a bottle. MOUS is great to carry on the go and a dream to clean."


"Hands down the best water bottle I've owned. I use it all the time for smoothies and protein shakes and cleaning it afterwards is simple. Plus it looks great!"


Nick K.

MOUS Bottle - $29.99

All orders are shipped within 24 hours and delivered with 2-5 business days. Each bottle comes in a premium, recyclable cardboard package.

Pink MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
White MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
Black MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
Black MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
Black MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
Black MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle