A healthier, odor-resistant alternative to your current shaker bottle.

It's time to start putting your health first. Easy to clean, premium fitness bottles that minimise germs and odor. Your health, our focus.


Our quality, multipurpose fitness bottles are refined for the active individual. More than a bottle, they're a companion to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Combining unique aesthetics and smart functionality to provide healthier, more hygienic hydration and supplementation.

Why the MOUS Fitness Bottle?

Here are three reasons to consider MOUS

Effortless Clean

The ergonomic size and original round bottom makes cleaning simple. It reduces the ability of supplement build up in the corners, minimising odour and eliminating germs.

Smoother Shakes

Forget lumpy shakes, the unique round bottom of the MOUS Fitness Bottle allows liquid to flow and combine with all of your powder. No need for a whisk ball or agitator.  

Longer Lasting

Thoughtfully crafted from the highest quality, non-toxic BPA & BPS Free materials that don't retain odor and therefore last longer. Better for your health and the planet.

"The bottle that is really designed for your health and meets so many of your drinking needs." Listed as one of the GQ Fitness Essentials.


MOUS Fitness Bottle


More than just a supplement shaker, MOUS is perfect for however you choose to fuel and hydrate your active lifestyle and workouts. Whether it be shaking supplements, infusing water or enjoying smoothies on the go. How you choose to use it is up to you.

  • Environmentally friendly reusable bottle
  • Bacteria and odour resistant
  • Doesn't retain old flavour
  • Non-toxic, BPA & BPS Free Materials
  • 27oz / 820mL


Actually Leak-proof

Adopting a unique dual-soft seal that is actually leak-proof giving you the confidence to put your bottle in your bag and take it with you anywhere.

Size Matters

With a volume of 27oz it's the perfect size. Big enough for a range of various supplements and the perfect size to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Unique Style

A bold aesthetic that compliments your unique style. Don't be generic.


"It may be double the price of some other shakers but it lasts 10x as long! I've had mine for 4-years and it's still as good as the day I bought it."

Jamie K.

"Hands down the best water bottle I've owned. I use it all the time for smoothies and protein shakes and cleaning it afterwards is simple. Plus it looks great!"


Nick K.

"By far the best bottle I've ever used. So happy I bought a second one!"


Jacqui J.

MOUS Bottle - $29.99

All orders are shipped within 24 hours and delivered with 2-5 business days. Each bottle comes in a premium, recyclable cardboard package.

Black MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
grey MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
Pink MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
White MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
Black MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
Black MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
Black MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle
Black MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle