shaker bottle

 The MOUS™ fitness bottle and shaker bottle is designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and help you fuel your body!


Odor and Bacteria Resistant
Easy to Clean
Leak Proof Soft Seal
BPA Free and Non-toxic


If you’ve used a shaker bottle before, chances are you’ve experienced the foul “protein shaker smell!” Do you know what creates this smell? We’re guessing not – it’s caused from supplement and protein remains getting left in the hard to reach corners of your protein shaker. This causes bacteria to grow and where the odor comes from. Just think, next time you use that shaker your potentially ingesting harmful bacteria!


At MOUS your health is our focus. So we have designed the MOUS shaker bottle with an entirely round bottom and BPA free non-stick surface. This makes it super easy to clean and eliminates the ability of supplement build-up, therefore no more bacteria or odor! Leaving you with a more pleasant experience next time you pop that cap open!


Not to forget – you can be sure that your MOUS shaker won’t leak in your gym bag with it’s leak proof soft seal!


What are you waiting for, start shaking those protein shakes and fuel your body!


protein shaker
protein shaker bottle