Hydrate and Nourish Your Body

water infuser

The MOUS fitness bottle is more than just a water bottle! It's the perfect water infuser and smoothie bottle that makes keeping hydrated and nourishing your body a healthier, more delicious and more nutritious experience. Water infusions and smoothies are a great way to get some (not all) of the nutritious benefits of fruit and vegetables.

BPA Free and Non-Toxic

Bacteria and Odor Resistant

Easy to Clean

Leak Proof Soft Seal

Although some water infusers can be extremely annoying to use – with little fruit baskets and small drinking spouts, the MOUS fitness bottle makes water infusions easy. Never again do you need to fiddle around cutting your fruit into tiny little pieces to make sure that it fits into your bottle. The wide opening of the MOUS fitness bottle is great for those thicker smoothies and makes water infusions so much easier – perfect for all types of fruits, herbs and if you’re game enough spices!

 The unique shape and design also make cleaning out your bottle effortless. Simply take off the lid, rinse and you’re on your way. You can be sure that there will be no fruit or smoothie remnants remaining for when you make your next water infusion.

 Stress less – the dual proof seal ensures that your water infusions won’t leak in your bag so you can infuse waters and stay hydrated wherever your healthy and active lifestyle takes you!

What are you waiting for get infusing and enjoy your smoothies on the go, the MOUS fitness bottle is the easiest way to stay hydrated and healthy.


water infuser bottle
bpa free bottle

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