MOUS Fitness Bottle

  • Unique easy to clean design
  • Bacteria and odor resistant
  • Ergonomic shape and size (27oz volume)
  • Highest quality, durable and non-toxic BPA Free materials
  • Perfect for; supplements, water infusions and smoothies
  • Leak-proof - confidence to go anywhere

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The easiest to clean bottle in the world. The MOUS fitness bottle is the multipurpose bottle that helps you stay healthy and hydrated wherever, whenever.


Smoothies. Supplements. Infusions. Water.


The only bottle that truly focuses on your health. Most bottles are hard to clean making them prone to germs and bacteria buildup. At MOUS, your health is our focus. The MOUS fitness bottle adopts a round bottom and corner-less design that makes cleaning effortless, minimising bacteria and odour and making for a healthier hydration and supplementation experience. Unique style meets smart functionality.


Combining the highest quality, BPA and BPS Free materials with our unique bacteria and odour resistant design means your health is covered.


Thoughtful design that does good and looks even better. A modern design and colour range that allows you to be you. Reflect your unique style.


Keep hydrated, anywhere. A leak-proof design giving you the confidence to put it in your bag and take it wherever your active lifestyle takes you.


Better for the health of you and the planet. Reducing the amount single-use bottles in our ecosystem, through a durable product that lasts.


What materials is the bottle made from?

The MOUS bottles are made from the highest quality BPA & BPS Free plastic materials that provide glass like clarity whilst being extremely durability.

Do you shop worldwide?

We ship to most countries. From this store we ship to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. For shipping to Australia, New Zealand or Asian regions please visit our other store @

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are dependant on your order size and delivery location. We offer free shipping within the US for orders over $50. All shipping and taxes are calculated at checkout.

How is the bottle bacteria and odor resistant?

The high quality plastics that the bottle is made from do not absorb odour or bacteria. Additionally, the unique round bottom makes cleaning effortless and minimises grime and dirt build up which turns into mould, bacteria and germs.

Can you use the bottle for hot water?

We recommend using the bottle for a maximum water temperature of 70 degrees celsius (158 degrees Fahrenheit). We also recommend taking extreme care and using the bottle with no lid when drinking hot water.

How much water does the bottle hold?

The MOUS Fitness Bottle holds a total of 820mL or 27oz.

Does the bottle have measurement increments?

Yes. The bottle has unique measurement increments of 4oz intervals. They can be fully revealed when the frame is removed from the cup and are slightly revealed when fully assembled.

Does the bottle come with a filter or shaking device?

Due to the round bottom, no mixing device is required. This geometry allows water to flow underneath supplements and makes for a perfectly smooth shake. Additionally, the bottle does not come with a filter. As your health is our focus we have minimised any hard to clean "extra" items like filters and whisk balls which can be a breading ground for germs.