Your health, our focus.

The MOUS Fitness Bottle is the only bottle that truly focuses on your health, adopting an easy to clean and round bottom design that makes it bacteria and odor resistant, giving you a more hygienic drinking experience.

Perfect for the active individual looking to reach their health and fitness goals. Shake your supplements, infuse your waters and enjoy your smoothies on the go!

Style meets functionality.

A sleek aesthetic that doesn't compromise on functionality or quality.

From the BPA free materials to each unique feature, every aspect of the MOUS Fitness Bottle combines innovative design with style, whilst focusing on providing effortless functionality and the highest quality.

“That’s quite a lot of thought put into a bottle.”

Yanko Design

89th Academy Awards Gift Bag Selected Product

89th Academy Awards

“Just one look at the bottle and it’s clear it has been engineered to perfection from an aesthetic and practical standpoint.” 

Pop Sugar

2017 Good Design Awards for the category of Lifestyle & Fitness

Good Design Awards


At MOUS, it's our mission to provide you with a healthier more hygienic hydration and supplementation experience.

Drink differently with the MOUS fitness bottle.

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