The 20 minute fat burning workout! By Samantha Purnell - Part 2

It’s Hump Day and we are all ready for the week to be over, but what better way to get rid of the Wednesday Woos, than to get those endorphin's running through your body? The Sweat Challenger series is a set of workouts to build endurance, get your heart rate up and burn fat!

Workout #2 - Wednesday: Sweat Challenge

Begin with a 3-5 minutes warm-up of either walking/jogging or a set of movements that will warm those muscles up and get you ready for an intense workout. The workout consists of three full body circuits that are sure to leave your dripping!       



Example Warm-Up:

30 seconds each exercise complete twice

  • Squats
  • Upper Body Twist
  • Neck Rolls (slow)
  • Burpees 


45 seconds each move as hard as you can go with a 15 second rest in between moves. 30 seconds rest in between circuits.


Circuit 1 

  • Revers Lunge + Upper-body Twist
  • Candlestick Rock to Jump
  • Plank Hip Dips

 Complete the circuit twice with a 30 seconds rest in-between.


30 seconds rest


Circuit 2 

  • Crossed Leg – Leg Lifts
  • Grass Hoppers
  • Commandos

 Complete the circuit twice with a 30 seconds rest in-between.


30 seconds rest


Circuit 3 (Repeat twice | 30 sec. rest in between):

  • Skaters
  • 6 Mountain Climbers + 2 Push-Ups
  • Dead Bugs

  Complete the circuit twice with a 30 seconds rest in-between.


Total workout is 20 minutes (including rest times)


If you aren’t dripping in sweat by the end of this workout, then you didn't give it all you had - the only way you are going to get the results you want is by putting in the effort! You can do it!

S.W.E.A.T - Stop Whining Excuses, Act Today!

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The final workout of Samantha's series will be ready on Friday make sure you check it out! In the meantime make sure you fuel and hydrate your body! 

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