Time to get fit! HIIT workout series by Joanne Encarnacion! Part 3

Ready to get fit and challenge yourself both mentally and physically?  This week we were lucky enough to have Joanne Encarnacion (@gofitjo) put together a high intensity interval training workout series – and it’s a tough one!

Jo is a fitness and lifestyle blogger from San Francisco, CA. Jo having once struggled with self-image has seen some amazing results with sheer determination and persistence! One rep at a time she is sharing her journey to a healthier and happier life.

If you didn’t see part one of Jo’s workout make sure you check it out.

Workout #3 – Friday: Incline Treadmill HIIT Sprints for 30 minutes

Find a free treadmill, set it for a 5% incline and get to it.


  • 30 seconds of low intensity 3-4mph
  • 90 seconds of medium intensity 5-7mph
  • 30 seconds of low intensity 3-4mph
  • 60 seconds of high intensity 8-10mph
  • Continue this series until you have completed a total of 30 minutes!

Time to get a sweat on!

We hope you liked this HIIT workout series by Jo! Don’t forget to check out Jos’ website and social platforms below.

W: gofitjo.com

F: @gofitjo

I: @gofitjo

We'd love to hear what you thought about this series - leave your comments below!

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