The simple morning routine to kick-start your day!

A sachet of quick oats followed up by your morning latte as you stroll out the door, sound familiar?

Waking up can be hard even at the best of times (looking at you cold winter mornings), if you’re the proverbial “not a morning person” or pulled a late one last night, then you can almost forget being up at the crack of dawn to start a productive day without lasting effects.

Then you have to dress, cook and clean up everything before even beginning your morning! Fret not here is a morning routine, to make sure you can productively begin your mornings to turn yourselves from a bedroom slouch into a superhuman!

Wake up naturally

It sounds a bit silly, especially if your used to waking up past rush hour, but aim to wake up as naturally as you can – which for humans (according to their circadian rhythm or body clock) is anywhere from 6-7am whilst going to bed between 10 and 11 pm. this will largely depend on what your body is used to, food/drink that was consumed the previous night as well as exposure to light (both good and bad). The body clock is essential for igniting all your body’s functions in order for you to wake up feeling amazing.

Things that can disturb your body clock include frequent travel, exposure to phones/computers/tv (a big one), temperature, work shifts, stress.

MOUS Infusion

Take your MOUS fitness bottle and fill it up with water (ideally purified),

Add one sliced lemon or 5-10 drops of essential lemon oil (be sure to check the ingredients)

Add a pinch of Himalayan, rock, black, mineral salt(not table salt or refined salt)

Shake and enjoy!

Lemon infused drinks are the perfect kick starter for your day.  Not only are you hydrating your body (you sweat throughout the night hence wake up partially dehydrated), but the lemon is the perfect fruit to aid with digestion and promote waste removal. The salt is used to help your body produce the right amount of cortisol needed to wake up.

Some light activity

10 minutes of yoga or meditation, some mobility work or a light walk works a treat to get your body moving whilst promoting the removal of waste built up over night. They are especially beneficial if you feel tightness from poor sleeping posture.


There are a million and one things that you can do for breakfast, but here are a few guidelines to help you start right.

Greens: full of essential vitamins and minerals (kale, spinach, watercress etc)

Healthy fats: half an avocado, handful of raw nuts (brazil, pistachios, almond or walnuts – not peanuts), avocado/coconut or olive oil

A good source of protein: eggs, chicken or if you don’t feel like cooking use a high quality powder

Some kind of herb or spice, cinnamon is ace in a smoothie and everyone loves green tea!

Options are endless within those food groups, but try to avoid dairy products and large amounts of gluten and especially sugar. Funnily enough a large majority of cereals and spreads contain both!

The best way to figure out what works for you is to give things a go, trial the above for a month and see how you feel! Give this morning routine a try and make the most out of your days!

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