Slices of lemon, sprigs of mint and a little cucumber! Water infusion by Michelle Carigma.

This weeks feature recipe is by Michelle Carigma aka ModernFit! Michelle gives us one of her favourite water infusions and shows us that healthy can be done cheap!

Being healthy doesn't have to be expensive. As much as I love going to a Juicery because of its convenience, it gets pretty expensive! When my bank account is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes... I make my own version! I usually like to head to Whole Foods and get pressed juice after I've had an unhealthy weekend (damn you Korean BBQ) or even after a hangover. Basically, it makes me feel better!

A cost saving way to stay healthy is so simple! 

My Favourite Combo:

Add lemon, mint and cucumber to your water!


Lemon - Helps cleanse your system, aids digestions, helps you to lose weight, reduces inflammation, boosts immune system & gives you an energy boost! (3 slices of lemon in the bottle)

Mint - They are an antioxidant, they can relieve a sore throat, helps digestion, contains traces amounts of iron. Has fiber, vitamin A and potassium. (A few sprigs of mint in the bottle)

Cucumber - Hydrating, decreases swelling, irritation and inflammation to the skin, also protects your skin against the effects of aging, reduces bad breath, protects bones, and maintains a healthy weight. (4 slices of cucumber in the bottle)

Pretty simple and pretty dam cheap too! Article and recipe by Michelle Carigma!

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