Why water should be the first thing you reach for in the morning

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that reaching for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning is the best way to wash away the haze of sleep. So it might surprise you to learn that reaching for a big glass of water can be much more effective.


Yet it’s not just the stimulating effects that a morning glass of water can have on your body and brain, that makes it such a good habit to get into.


Your body is comprised of about 72% water and each and every cell in your body relies on it. Yet you are constantly excreting water through both perspiration and respiration.


So it makes sense that you need to be topping it back up on a regular basis, especially after fasting for the 7-9 hours you were asleep!


Need more convincing? Here some of the other benefits that drinking water first thing, can have on your body and mind:


Physical benefits -

  • Helps regulate the balance of your bodily fluids. You are continuously losing fluids through both perspiration and respiration, even when you are sleeping. The problem is that when you are sleeping, you are not restocking your fluids, which is why most people wake up a little dehydrated.
  • Water stimulates the digestive system, working to increase your appetite, energise your body and flush out your colon keeping you regular! In fact, dehydration is one of the most common causes of constipation.
  • When your muscles cells (myocytes) become dehydrated, they begin to shrivel which prevents them from working at their optimal level. Which is why it's common to feel like your body has no energy first thing in the morning. For more information on how to identify whether you're dehydrated check out "The facts of dehydration."
  • Your body is constantly excreting waste products from each and every cell, yet you need water to help facilitate this process and enable you to flush out your system. 


Mental benefits -  

  • Stimulates cognitive function, making you feel more alert and focused.
  • Hydrates each and every cell of the brain. Your brain is made up of about 73% water, which is why staying hydrated is essential in maintaining optimum brain activity. 
  • Boosts specific brain functions such as concentration and the ability to retain and recall information.


Ever wondered how much water you should consume daily, especially if you workout? View our recent article "Healthy hydration: how much water you should be drinking," to find out.

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