Workouts for a stronger core! Core workout series by Shannon Michelle! Part 3

Working out your core is great for getting a slimmer waist line, but it's good for so much more; improving your posture, improving sports performance, relieving back pain and helping with breathing. This week's workout is by Shannon Michelle aka Caligirlgetsfit! Shannon's workout is an advanced workout focused on building a stronger, more sculpted core!

Workout #3 - Monday: Core Burn 3

A strong core is essential to overall health and strength. A strong core helps to stabilize the body and keep it in proper alignment with good posture. Here are some of my favorite core exercises to challenge yourself and get stronger.


Plank toe touches


  • Walk your hands down into a plank position
  • Pike your hips up and touch your left toe with your right hand
  • Go back into a plank. Then pike your hips up again and touch your right toe with your left hand
  • Walk your hands back up to standing. That is one rep. 20 repetitions


Crunches with passing weight


  • Sit with your abs engaged leaning back with a straight back and legs out straight until you are almost about to tip backwards
  • That is your starting point. Then bend your knees and crunch your legs toward your chest using your abs
  • Simultaneously, pass a small weight under your legs. Then straighten your legs back out
  • That is one rep. Repeat 20 times


Burpees with ball


  • Start holding your weight in a crouching squat
  • Jump back with your legs into a plank. Jump feet forward to hands and come into a squat, then lift your weight over your head using your biceps
  • 20 repetitions


Cross toe taps


  • Start lying on a flat back with your legs straight up in the air
  • Use your abs to lift your head, arms, and chest, and use your right hand to touch your left foot (or ankle)
  • Release and let your chest and head go back to starting position. Repeat on other side
  • Complete 20 repetitions each side



Here's your weekend workout sorted! We hope you liked this weeks workout series by Shannon Michelle. You can find out more about Shannon via the links below.


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