What are the benefits of lemon water? Myth Vs Fact.

Heard about the wonderful health benefits of drinking lemon water and wondered if it really lives up to the hype? 


Well, lemon water IS a very healthy and delicious way of keeping your body hydrated, and it DOES offer numerous health benefits.


However, there is no magic that happens when you combine fresh lemon with filtered water. The benefits are the same as if you were to have one and then the other separately. So for this reason, there are a few misconceptions surrounding lemon water, and the health benefits it can provide.


So, we thought we would have a closer look at just what the benefits of lemon water are, as well as clearing up some of the misleading information that is out there.


Benefits of drinking lemon water:


  • Maintaining hydration - This is probably the most important and beneficial aspect of lemon water; The water itself. Staying hydrated supports the function of all the different internal systems of your body and gives volume to each and every cell.


  • Stimulates digestion - Maintaining hydration is essential to digestive health, yet the act of drinking water itself actively flushes out your digestive tract, helping remove waste and alleviate constipation.


  • Boosts/maintains energy levels - Staying hydrated is essential to keeping brain cells and muscles cells working at their optimum capacity. So, regularly drinking water (with, or without lemon) will help keep your energy levels up.


  • Rich in nutrients - Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, as well as numerous other nutrients including; vitamins A, B6 and E, magnesium and iron. It is packed full of antioxidants, giving lemon juice beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.




  • Stimulates metabolism - Though drinking water will help aid in digestion, there is no scientific evidence to support lemon water stimulating metabolism.


  • Balances Ph levels - Your lungs, kidneys, blood and bones already work together to regulate your Ph levels perfectly.


  • Detoxes the body - The ‘lemon + water’ combination doesn't actually offer a magic ‘detox’ remedy. To detoxify your body, eat fresh, whole foods, avoid alcohol, stimulants and other drugs, and drink plenty of water!


The Bottom Line:

Though drinking lemon water has numerous health benefits, this is mostly down to the ‘water’ component of the drink.


That being said, lemon juice does contain nutrients, as well as adding flavor.


So, if lemon juice makes your water more palatable and encourages you to drink more, then go for it!

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